1 October 2021

Today I posted two new recordings on Pianists of the Past. One is Xaver Scharwenka playing the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata, Opus 57, recorded on piano roll in 1907 and the other is Max von Pauer playing Harmonie du soir by Liszt, recorded on piano roll in 1905. Do take time to listen to them!

28 September 2021

A few technical delays on recording Françoise’s Elegy. All seems sorted out now and I’ll be recording it over the next few days. Look for a release around the middle of October.

18 September 2021

Just posted the legendary Ignacy Jan Paderewsi playing Chopin’s Third Ballade recorded on piano roll in 1906. The MIDI format of the scanned piano roll was rendered to mp3 on my virtual 1922 Erard grand piano. Check it out at my HearThis channel:

4 September 2021

I have worked today on Françoise’s Elegy, making the beginning statement of the theme better by setting it in a more simple setting so that it’s more beautiful and more melancholic. Tomorrow I hope to begin the recording process. I worked also with the software settings so the Malmsjö piano has its rich, warm, vintage sound but clearer by using an EQ preset that helps clear muddiness.

I do want this to be my best work out of respect for Françoise Dorléac, the French actress whose tragic death in 1967 affected me so. I remember so well learning the news of her death and immediately sat down at the piano and composed the melody on which this elegy is based.

If all goes well, Élégie de Françoise should be released in a few weeks!

31 August 2021

I have decided to record Françoise’s Elegy on my virtual 1894 Malmsjö grand piano from This vintage Swedish piano has a beautiful warm full tone. It’s taking time for me to get used to how it plays and finalize the settings in the software but tonight I think it’s all set like I want it.

My plan is to continue practicing this week on the Malmsjö to get used to it and record over the weekend and upload the recording to CDBaby on September 7 for distribution. It takes a couple of weeks after that for the single to be processed and released. But I’ll post an update here to let you know.

I so appreciate all of you who are visiting and listening to the music on my blog. Thanks!!

17 August 2021

Just a quick update. I’ve finished composing Françoise’s Elegy and I’m now working on polishing my performance. My plan is to record it over the weekend or first of next week and upload it to CDBaby for distribution on September 7.

It’s been a longer journey than I expected. Delays in recent weeks have been work and weather related.

So, once it’s recorded I’ll post the news here. Hope you’re having a good day and you are safe and well.

4 August 2021

Just a quick update on my release of Françoise’s Elegy, a remembrance of French actress Françoise Dorléac. It’s taken more time to complete than I would have liked. First, I’m always making changes to try to make it the best I can and that’s delayed things. Second, I just didn’t like the sound of the piano software I’ve been using.

So, I reinstalled software I used a few years ago and its latest version has improved more than I could have hoped. The piano sampled is a 1908 Bechstein upright with all its original parts and it’s full of soul and character. I think you’ll going to like it!

The plan now is to record and release Françoise’s Elegy this month!